"Hands off" Catalan offices abroad, says Puigdemont to unionist parties

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has today demanded that the major unionist parties in Spain should “take their hands off” the offices representing Catalonia abroad which the Catalan government created, asking that they abstain from taking any further decisions which, like this one, could have implications that last for years. Speaking to journalists by videoconference from Brussels, Puigdemont referred to the “tripartite of 155” — meaning the Popular Party (PP), the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), and the Citizens Party (Cs) — who he said “should abstain from taking decisions that could compromise the next legislature”. “We want to continue having a foreign policy because we have the right to it. They should take their hands off the structure of offices abroad because we will have to reinstate them”, he demanded. Puigdemont also stressed the need for an election result that “restores” the Catalan government, which necessarily would involvethe return of “all its active members”, included himself as president, and “the road map”. In this line, he asserted: “I can’t imagine any other vice president than Oriol Junqueras, nor any other minister for the presidency than Jordi Turull”.

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