Canadian actors speak up for solidarity with Catalonia

Two prominent Canadian actors have presented a video calling for solidarity with Catalonia, and contrasting the Spanish government’s treatment of Catalans with the Canadian government’s handling of the independence issue in Quebec, where the federal authorities allowed two referendums to be held. The video asks for politicians in Canada and Quebec to take action to defend democratic rights in Catalonia, emphasising that the Catalan process is peaceful. The video, in French with English subtitles, has been circulating online since Friday. It is presented by the Quebec actors Maxime Le Flaguais and Caroline Dhavernas. “The police attacked and stormed polling stations, confiscated ballot boxes and violently beat civilians”, narrates Caroline Dhavernas in the video, referring to the police repression during the referendum of October 1st. “What crime had they committed? That of exercising their right to vote”, continues Maxime Le Flaguais. The actors ask what would have happened if, following the referendums in Quebec, the Canadian government had arrested the Quebec government and suspended its functioning.

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